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Your special day is always going to be memorable. With DJK Film Studio make your memories timeless with a touch of cinema magic.  DJK Film Studio will work with you to capture those precious moments in a way that is timeless, fun and enjoyable for years to come. We can capture your day in a style reflecting your favourite movie or genre putting you at the heart of your very own timeless classic.

When planning your wedding in Cyprus or internationaly, rest assured DJK Film Studio will make your Wedding Movie planning as easy and straight forward as possible; so you can focus on whats important.

Starting your new lives together.

The Wedding Packages


The MATINEE Package

Arrival of the Bride & Groom, Ceremony, Post Ceremony Photographs at the church

The CHAPLIN Package

Matinee package + Arival Drinks, Wedding Breakfast, Finishing after Cutting the Cake

The EPIC Package

Chaplin Package + Full Evening Reception, Finishing after the first dance


Epic Package + Full Days filming with Bridal or Groom preparation, Finishing at 11pm. Video packages include Guest Messages, Directors Cut and Film Trailer.

Pre-Wedding Invitation Trailer

A special 60 to 120 second trailer to send to your guests as a special pre-wedding invitation via e-mail or social media


Photographic Service Available on request

Privacy Policy